Welcome to my page!

Consider me your own personal cheerleader/coach/motivator/inspirer and friend. I’m a noticer of subtleties and even the smallest of details — this means that I can piece together clues, information, and pieces of the grand puzzle to help me provide the clearest, most authentic bits of inspiration and wisdom for you that I can muster. This means that I also have regular and frequent “aha” moments (pretty awesome epiphanies) and I write about them and speak about them here. I’m always learning and growing, and I love sharing that process with you!

I have a profound love affair with words, too. I use words as tools to point to that which can never truly be expressed — I use words to create a buzz-electricity-fire inside of you, one that can be used to fuel your own endeavors, whether they be personal, business-related, or spiritual.

Enjoy and stay awhile. See what resonates.

Still and in Awe,