Leading with the Heart


For me, living from the heart wasn’t easy when I was a kid. I learned very early on from the adults around me that emotions weren’t that safe to show and that it wasn’t acceptable to be really vulnerable. I don’t blame my parents or wish that my upbringing was any different; on the contrary, I’ve absolutely loved the journey of growing older, growing (hopefully) wiser, and learning to open up my heart and live more from there and less from old, conditioned thought-patterns.

The process of courageously opening myself up, shedding old defensive thought-patterns and beliefs, and becoming more vulnerable (and subsequently more authentic) has put a pep in my step and a rhythm in my soul. I’ve had the fire in me all along — I just had to remember how to use it, claim it, love it, and present that open-hearted flame to the world.

All of this being said, it isn’t necessarily easy to examine shame, insecurity, and low self-esteem in the spotlight — these feelings, for most of us, are usually kept swept under the rug. When we allow ourselves to greet shame and feelings of low self-worth for the first time in years (or ever), this means that we do have to feel these things in their raw, unfiltered fullness. However, really and truly feeling these shadow-bits is the key to freedom and a lightness-of-being.

The only way out is through.

Then, when I become totally (well, mostly) okay with these “non-happy” feelings, the light tends to sweep in and fill these cracks with compassion, grace, and (yes) love. With two lovely kids, a business that I love, clients that I dig, and a really dope husband, it’s now that I am oh-so-ready to present my best self to the world — a self that is authentic, whole, down with my demons, and leading with a wide-open heart. I want to be my best self for others, and this requires an initial self-love process that begins with venturing bravely into the dark places, greeting old uncomfortable feelings with an open heart, and daring to dig deep to acknowledge and uproot weeds that have been hanging around for, well, a bit too long.

So, then, here’s what I know:

A wide open heart + a powerful vision = unstoppable.

Cheers to that.

Still and in Awe,