Rooted in Presence I Flow

Take care of the moment and the moment will take care of you – right here, presently, one can know a deep sense of aliveness, vitality, and richness. There isn’t anything to find, here. There isn’t anything to procure, here. There isn’t anything that you’re lacking, here. Presently, you are complete.

To know presence, one needn’t journey far, meditate endlessly, or attain any new knowledge. Presence is what’s here – it’s the ever-present witness of experience. Even when we’re busily distracted or engaged in the thought-stream, that steady, unchanging witness is still there – you’re still aware.

So, then, when we identify more with consciousness – that subtle, ever-present witness – the ever-changing forms of experience are like clouds passing through the sky and can be held lightly and observed as temporary forms coming and going, moving and changing.

Right here, in that presence, we can experience what it’s like to be fully alive and fully human – when we aren’t busily and anxiously seeking for peace, completion, and satisfaction outwardly, we can rest right here where we are. We may find, then, that the feeling of bliss we were seeking outwardly is always within and it’s found here, right in the midst of it all. Then, though we may be feeling deeply, we’ll hold it lightly; sadness, fear, craving, desire, joy, sorrow, pain, peace, excitement, or grief become fully known, deeply felt, gently held, and totally embodied. This is the feeling of being totally and wildly alive – nothing pushed against, just a gentle easing into what is and into what is arising right here and now.

The difference between heaven and hell is one millimeter – you, presently, are totally and completely part of the whole, undivided, and moving with a divine and intelligent flow. Knowing presence has a way of making that stream more obvious, and heaven becomes something we can experience here and now.

Maybe what we’re seeking is that experience of being fully alive – know that it’s right here, available to you at every moment, has never left you, and is simply awaiting remembrance.