Wildly Alive in the Here and Now

I was once a fierce happiness-chaser. Happiness, health, wealth, and peak experiences of pleasure were sought endlessly. I was living for a fictitious, glorious tomorrow-land when finally that ‘something’ would arrive to leave me in a permanent state of happiness.

I wanted so badly to arrive.

However, when I managed to fulfill an aim, achieve something I’d set out to do, made some decent money, had that peak experience, or came to know a sliver of ecstatic happiness, eventually it all lost its novelty and I’d be back to seeking once more. The underlying feeling behind this seeking and constant quest for fulfillment at some future date was that this present moment simply wasn’t enough.

What I was most after, though I didn’t see it then, was the feeling of actually being alive in this present moment — totally and wildly alive in the here and now, right in the midst of it all. What I was really after was the experience of ecstatic presence, of witnessing this glorious humanness in its fullness and marveling at the divine mystery.

So I see now that right Here I am full and complete. I have breath in my lungs, the ground beneath my feet, and the starry sky above; I look now to this experience as a curious, divine mystery.

Then, though I still accomplish and do, it springs forth from a place of connectedness, harmony, and joy rather than anxiety, stress, and fear. I see the perfection of the present even when it seems imperfect and I walk the path with this knowing.

Know that wherever you stand, it’s all worthy of awe. Heaven is here and now.


Still and in Awe,