The Divine Orchestra


Awaken to the awakeness that you are — 

awaken from that which you've never been asleep to (not really). 

You are that unchanging, unscathed, ever-present, all-encompassing witness.

You are that primordial awakeness --


the observer that marvels at itself endlessly in an Infinite number of expressions. 

You sense it sometimes, I gather:

When you lose yourself in the beauty of a sunset, while gazing into your child’s eyes, or listening to a piece of music that provides rhythm for the soul. 

In the recognition of beauty, you become that beauty; you are absorbed in the magic of the moment. 

In truth there is no separation between the perceiving and the perceived; all arises simultaneously as an interconnected, divine orchestra of experience, sense-feltness, and beingness.

Rest here. You are that ever-present observor; you are the sense organ of the infinite. 


Rest here in that sacred presence.

Still and in Awe,