Being Truly At Peace

You don't have to wait for external circumstances to be perfect for you to be at peace.

True "peace" is an unwavering feeling of stillness that is present even when storms arise, even when the circumstances of life are challenging, and when heavier emotions like sadness, despair, or grief arise. 

Peace is the screen on which the movie is played -- no matter what hardships the characters endure, the screen remains unscathed. No matter what happens in the movie, the screen holds it all with perfect lightness and equanimity. 

Peace is the foreground of objective experience and is a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any moment -- it is always available to you even when it seems miles away. "Peace" is knowing that even when times are tough, everything is a fleeting experience and the storm will eventually subside.

Peace isn't a "doing" and requires no effort on your part to attain. Peace isn't something that's had when external circumstances are perfectly aligned or when more tumultuous emotions aren't present. Peace is who you are -- peace is the fabric of your existence. 

Return to the stillness; peace is within.