No Wrong Feelings

There are no wrong feelings. Whatever arises within is always alright. When we can re-turn to ourselves, when we turn toward what we genuinely feel, we regain a kind of power that otherwise is lost. 

When we re-turn to ourselves and to what we genuinely feel, we can begin to feel a certain kind of rhythm and harmony existing there. We reconnect with our essential groove so that we begin dancing with life, going with a certain flow, and understanding that nothing is a mistake — even our deepest sorrows, our most tense frustrations, and those heart-quickening fears and worries are perfectly alright. 

When we begin to see ourselves as divine, as wholly holy, and we hold all that arises within as we would a small child (cradling everything in a dear and sincere way), we add a breath of life to each and every arising feeling and form. In turn, life rewards us with energy, enthusiasm, clarity, peace-full power, and the knowingness that what we are and what we feel is in alignment with a grander harmony and is always, always okay. 

When we bathe what we feel in unending acceptance, acknowledgement, and open attention, those feelings that we once took to be heavy and monstrous become much, much lighter and can be seen for what they are — impersonal, ever-changing weather patterns that can only cause harm when we turn away or reject them. Everything, even our deepest sadnesses, only desires a platform on which to express genuinely and authentically. When we give our feelings a platform by really seeing them, by holding them, and by allowing them to be expressed through that pure, open attention, they lighten.

When we turn toward ourselves with acceptance, we are freed from that prison of resistance — we begin to breathe more deeply, love more fully, and relax into it all. We might come to rest in the understanding that there are (truly) no wrong feelings. 

And we come home (deeply) to ourselves. 

Which is always, always a profound relief.