You are worthy, always.

You are not on probation here in this life and you don’t have to prove yourself worthy of existing; the very fact that you’re here is proof enough that the whole of things desired to live through you, to see through your eyes, and to feel with your hands. 

Let me remind you that you needn’t sweat and toil and effort to be deemed worthy of being. Let me tell you now that it’s your presence that’s sweeter than your productivity; it is your conscious attention on this very moment that is the road to remembering your innate greatness. 

My hope is that you come to remember the sweetness of being, the richness of pure experiencing in the here-now, and the profound worthiness of who and what you are. 

You, beautiful even in your seeming imperfections. You, a product of an entire cosmos. You, not separate from the whole. You, who are a child of the infinite. 

So — be present. Come home to yourself now. Here, there is nothing to prove. Notice your breath as it rises and falls and know that that, friend, is proof enough of your value. 

Feel your feet pressed to the floor and find purpose there, presently and immediately. You are not on probation here in this life and you do not have to prove yourself worthy or valuable; your value is in your being. 

Just. Be. 
Be you, beautiful human. 

You are worthy.